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Class: MP3_IDv2_Reader

Source Location: /MP3_IDv2-0.1.8/MP3/IDv2/Reader.php

Class Overview

Reads Idv2 tags from a file.



  • Release: @package_version@


  • 2006 Alexander Merz


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Class Details

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Reads Idv2 tags from a file.

This class reads Idv2 tags from a file. Actually this class reads only the first founded tag in a file This will become more flexible in future releases.

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Method Detail

findHeader   [line 254]

bool findHeader( int $fh)

Find the beginning of a tag in a file.
  • Return: true, if a tag was found, false if not
  • Todo: Make it faster, use a larger read buffer
  • Access: public


int   $fh   —  the file stream to read

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getTag   [line 278]

object MP3_IDv2_Tag getTag( )

Returns the tag found in the file
  • Return: the tag data structure
  • Access: public

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read   [line 116]

bool read( string $filename)

Reads the first tag found in a tag.

The method reads a tag from the file and parses it into a Tag datastructure.

  • Return: true, if reading was ok
  • See: MP3_IDv2_Reader::getTag()
  • Access: public


string   $filename   —  name of the file to read from

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