Class Summary HTML_QuickForm_html

Class Summary HTML_QuickForm_html – A pseudo-element used for adding raw HTML to form (deprecated)


A pseudo-element used for adding raw HTML to form output. Its contents are output as is, without applying any element template.

This element is deprecated. No fixes and changes to its behaviour will be done and it will be removed in the next major version of the package. If you really need to add raw html to the form, you may consider using 'static' element instead.

The element can be used with the Default Renderer only, all other Renderers completely ignore this. Consider using some template-based renderer instead of relying on this feature.

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HTML_QuickForm_html Inherited Methods

Inherited from HTML_QuickForm_static
Method Name Summary
Constructor HTML_QuickForm_static::HTML_QuickForm_static() Class constructor
HTML_QuickForm_static::exportValue() We override this here because we don't want any values from static elements
HTML_QuickForm_static::getFrozenHtml() Returns the value of field without HTML tags
HTML_QuickForm_static::getName() Returns the element name
HTML_QuickForm_static::onQuickFormEvent() Called by HTML_QuickForm whenever form event is made on this element
HTML_QuickForm_static::setName() Sets the element name
HTML_QuickForm_static::setText() Sets the text
HTML_QuickForm_static::setValue() Sets the text (uses the standard setValue call to emulate a form element.
Inherited from HTML_QuickForm_element
Method Name Summary
Constructor HTML_QuickForm_element::HTML_QuickForm_element() Class constructor
HTML_QuickForm_element::accept() Accepts a renderer
HTML_QuickForm_element::apiVersion() Returns the current API version
HTML_QuickForm_element::exportValue() Returns a 'safe' element's value
HTML_QuickForm_element::freeze() Freeze the element so that only its value is returned
HTML_QuickForm_element::getFrozenHtml() Returns the value of field without HTML tags
HTML_QuickForm_element::getLabel() Returns display text for the element
HTML_QuickForm_element::getName() Returns the element name
HTML_QuickForm_element::getType() Returns element type
HTML_QuickForm_element::getValue() Returns the value of the form element
HTML_QuickForm_element::isFrozen() Returns whether or not the element is frozen
HTML_QuickForm_element::onQuickFormEvent() Called by HTML_QuickForm whenever form event is made on this element
HTML_QuickForm_element::setLabel() Sets display text for the element
HTML_QuickForm_element::setName() Sets the input field name
HTML_QuickForm_element::setPersistantFreeze() Sets wether an element value should be kept in an hidden field when the element is frozen or not
HTML_QuickForm_element::setValue() Sets the value of the form element
HTML_QuickForm_element::unfreeze() Unfreezes the form element
DEPRECATED: Sets the options for the secondary select (Previous) Class constructor (Next)
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