constructor HTML_QuickForm_advcheckbox()

constructor HTML_QuickForm_advcheckbox() – Class constructor


require_once 'HTML/QuickForm/advcheckbox.php';

void constructor HTML_QuickForm_advcheckbox::HTML_QuickForm_advcheckbox ( string $elementName = null , string $elementLabel = null , string $text = null , mixed $attributes = null , mixed $values = null )


This package is not documented yet.


string $elementName

(optional)Input field name attribute

string $elementLabel

(optional)Input field label

string $text

(optional)Text to put after the checkbox

mixed $attributes

(optional)Either a typical HTML attribute string or an associative array

mixed $values

(optional)Values to pass if checked or not checked


throws no exceptions thrown


since 1.0

This function can not be called statically.

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The $values parameter can take either an array or a scalar.

If you pass a scalar, that will be the value you receive in case the check box is checked.

If you pass an array, you should pass something like this: