Class Summary HTML_QuickForm_header

Class Summary HTML_QuickForm_header – A pseudo-element used for adding headers to form


This element is used for adding headers to the form. Unlike usual static elements, the headers are usually rendered using a special template.

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HTML_QuickForm_header Inherited Methods

Inherited from HTML_QuickForm_static
Method Name Summary
Constructor HTML_QuickForm_static::HTML_QuickForm_static() Class constructor
HTML_QuickForm_static::exportValue() We override this here because we don't want any values from static elements
HTML_QuickForm_static::getFrozenHtml() Returns the value of field without HTML tags
HTML_QuickForm_static::getName() Returns the element name
HTML_QuickForm_static::onQuickFormEvent() Called by HTML_QuickForm whenever form event is made on this element
HTML_QuickForm_static::setName() Sets the element name
HTML_QuickForm_static::setText() Sets the text
HTML_QuickForm_static::setValue() Sets the text (uses the standard setValue call to emulate a form element.
Inherited from HTML_QuickForm_element
Method Name Summary
Constructor HTML_QuickForm_element::HTML_QuickForm_element() Class constructor
HTML_QuickForm_element::accept() Accepts a renderer
HTML_QuickForm_element::apiVersion() Returns the current API version
HTML_QuickForm_element::exportValue() Returns a 'safe' element's value
HTML_QuickForm_element::freeze() Freeze the element so that only its value is returned
HTML_QuickForm_element::getFrozenHtml() Returns the value of field without HTML tags
HTML_QuickForm_element::getLabel() Returns display text for the element
HTML_QuickForm_element::getName() Returns the element name
HTML_QuickForm_element::getType() Returns element type
HTML_QuickForm_element::getValue() Returns the value of the form element
HTML_QuickForm_element::isFrozen() Returns whether or not the element is frozen
HTML_QuickForm_element::onQuickFormEvent() Called by HTML_QuickForm whenever form event is made on this element
HTML_QuickForm_element::setLabel() Sets display text for the element
HTML_QuickForm_element::setName() Sets the input field name
HTML_QuickForm_element::setPersistantFreeze() Sets wether an element value should be kept in an hidden field when the element is frozen or not
HTML_QuickForm_element::setValue() Sets the value of the form element
HTML_QuickForm_element::unfreeze() Unfreezes the form element
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