DB_Error – DB Error object


In case of failure, most of the DB functions return a DB_Error object which contains information about the error. DB_Error offers the same functions as PEAR_Error.

The text messages returned by DB_Error::getMessage() are consistent between each DBMS.

The error code integers returned by DB_Error::getCode() are also consistent between each DBMS. The integers returned are based on the DB_ERROR_* constants defined in DB.php.

DB_Error::getDebugInfo() and DB_Error::getUserInfo() return complete native DBMS error reports.

Trapping errors and determining what happened

require_once 'DB.php';

$db =& DB::connect('pgsql://wronguser:badpw@localhost/thedb');
if (
PEAR::isError($db)) {
     * This is not what you would really want to do in
     * your program.  It merely demonstrates what kinds
     * of data you can get back from error objects.
echo 'Standard Message: ' $db->getMessage() . "\n";
'Standard Code: ' $db->getCode() . "\n";
'DBMS/User Message: ' $db->getUserInfo() . "\n";
'DBMS/Debug Message: ' $db->getDebugInfo() . "\n";
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