DB_common::prepare() – Prepares a SQL statement for later execution


resource prepare ( string $query )


Gets a SQL statement ready so it can be run by execute().


string $query

the query to prepare

Return value

resource - the query handle or a DB_Error object on failure


This function can not be called statically.


Using prepare()

// Once you have a valid DB object named $db...
$sth $db->prepare('INSERT INTO numbers (number) VALUES (?)');
if (
PEAR::isError($sth)) {

$res =& $db->execute($sth1);
if (
PEAR::isError($res)) {
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User Notes:

Note by: user2037
It may not be obvious but you need to "escape placeholder characters" such as question marks, exclamation points, and ampersands when preparing a query. For example: "SELECT * WHERE a \!= FALSE AND b = ?".