DB_common::dropSequence() – Deletes a sequence


integer dropSequence ( string $seqName )


See "Intro - Sequences"


string $seqName

name of the sequence to delete

Return value

integer - DB_OK or a DB_Error object on failure


Possible PEAR_Error values
Error code Error message Reason Solution
every error code   Database specific error Check the name of the sequence. If correct, probably a bug in the sequence implementation.


This function can not be called statically.

When using PEAR DB's sequence methods, we strongly advise using these methods for all procedures, including the creation of the sequences. Do not use PEAR DB's methods to access sequences that were created directly in the DBMS. See the warning on the "Intro - Sequences" page complete information.


Using dropSequence()

// Once you have a valid DB object named $db...
$tmp $db->dropSequence('mySequence');

if (
PEAR::isError($tmp)) {
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