DB_common::executeMultiple() – Runs a prepared SQL statement for each element of an array


integer executeMultiple ( resource $stmt , array $data )


Automatically passes the information in $data (a multi-dimensional array) to execute(), which then runs the SQL statement you submitted to prepare().


resource $stmt

query handle from prepare()

array $data

a numeric array containing the data to insert into the query

Return value

integer - DB_OK on success or a DB_Error object on failure


Possible PEAR_Error values
Error code Error message Reason Solution
DB_ERROR_INVALID invalid SQL statement handle is not valid. Check correct processing of the SQL statement with prepare(). Note that executeMultiple() requires a handle to the statement returned by prepare(), not the statement itself.
DB_ERROR_MISMATCH mismatch Quantity of parameters didn't match quantity of placeholders in the prepared statement. Check that the number of placeholders in the prepare() statement passed to $query equals the count of entries passed to $params.
DB_ERROR_NODBSELECTED no database selected No database was chosen. Check the DSN in connect().
every other error code   Database specific error Check the database related section of PHP-Manual to detect the reason for this error. In the most cases a misformed SQL statement. Ie. using LIMIT in a SQL-Statement for an Oracle database.


This function can not be called statically.

If an error occurs during execution, the function will be stopped. Possible remaining data will be unprocessed.

The values passed in $data must be literals. Do not submit SQL functions (for example CURDATE()). SQL functions that should be performed at execution time need to be put in the prepared statement.


Using executeMultiple()

// Once you have a valid DB object named $db...
$sth $db->prepare('INSERT INTO numbers VALUES (?, ?, ?)');

if (
PEAR::isError($sth)) {

$alldata = array(array(1'one''en'),

$res =& $db->executeMultiple($sth$alldata);

if (
PEAR::isError($res)) {
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