Validate offers a set of packages to validate common or specific data. The main package validates the common data. Specific data are localised or thematic.

Localized validation class

  • Argentina: Validate_AR

  • Austria: Validate_AT

  • Australia : Validate_AU

  • Belgium: Validate_BE

  • Brasil: Validate_PTBR

  • Canada: Validate_CA

  • Denmark: Validate_DK

  • Finland: Validate_FI

  • France: Validate_FR

  • Germany: Validate_DE

  • Iceland: Validate_IS

  • Ireland: Validate_IE

  • Netherlands: Validate_NL

  • New Zealand: Validate_NZ

  • Poland: Validate_PL

  • Republic of India: Validate_IN

  • South Africa: Validate_ZA

  • Spain: Validate_ES

  • Switzerland: Validate_CH

  • United Kingdom: Validate_UK

  • United States: Validate_US

Thematic validation class

  • Financial: Validate_Finance

  • Credit Cards: Validate_Finance_CreditCard

  • International Standard Product Numbers : Validate_ISPN

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