PEAR_Config::setInstallRoot() – setInstallRoot


require_once '/Config.php'; (since PEAR 1.4.0)

void PEAR_Config::setInstallRoot ( string|false $root )


This is used to implement the --installroot option for installation. In earlier PEAR versions, this was implemented in PEAR_Installer::install(), but this makes it more difficult to track with the introduction of channels, and to satisfy better encapsulation, it has been moved to PEAR_Config.

Pass in a full path. On retrieving any directory configuration variable, the value will be prepended with the installroot specified in this method. For example, if php_dir is /usr/lib/php, and setInstallRoot() is used with /hoopla/boo, the value returned from get() would be /hoopla/boo/usr/lib/php. Use an empty string '' to reset an installroot.


string|FALSE $root

installation directory to prepend to all _dir variables, or FALSE to disable


throws no exceptions thrown


This function can not be called statically.

Set the list of channels. (Previous) This is to allow customization like the use of installroot (Next)
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