Net_NNTP::getGroups() – fetch list of avaible newsgroups


require_once 'Net/NNTP.php';

array Net_NNTP::getGroups ( string $fetch = true )


Returns a list of all avaible newsgroups from the connected news server


  • $fetch - can be irgnored, unused

Return value

array - a two dimensional, nested array indicated by the name of the newsgroup, every entry contains information about the newsgroup:

  • $groups[newsgroup_name]['group'] name of the newsgroup

  • $groups[newsgroup_name]['last'] message number of the last message

  • $groups[newsgroup_name]['first'] message number of the first message

  • $groups[newsgroup_name]['posting_allowed'] values: y - yes, n - no, m - moderated)

  • $groups[newsgroup_name]['desc'] newsgroup description


This function can not be called statically.

Especially public news server can provide more then 30.000 newsgroup. So this function may runs longer then the maximum execution time set in the php.ini.


Using getGroups()

$ret $nntp->connect("");
PEAR::isError($ret)) {
// handle error
} else {
// success
$groups $nntp->getGroups();
// Print a list of avaible newsgroups
foreach($groups as $group) {
$group['group'].': '.$group['desc'].'<br>';
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