QuickForm element types

QuickForm element types – What elements can be added to QuickForm

Elements overview

As of release 3.2.5, HTML_QuickForm knows 23 element types that can be created via createElement() and added to the form via addElement(). These can be divided into two big groups: standard HTML elements and custom elements.


Class for <input type="button" /> elements, HTML_QuickForm_button


Class for <input type="checkbox" /> elements, HTML_QuickForm_checkbox


Class for <input type="file" /> elements, HTML_QuickForm_file


Class for <input type="hidden" /> elements, HTML_QuickForm_hidden


Class for <input type="image" /> elements, HTML_QuickForm_image


Class for <input type="password" /> elements, HTML_QuickForm_password


Class for <input type="radio" /> elements, HTML_QuickForm_radio


Class for <input type="reset" /> elements, HTML_QuickForm_reset


Class for <select> elements, HTML_QuickForm_select. The class allows loading of <option> elements from array or database.


Class for <input type="submit" /> elements, HTML_QuickForm_submit


Class for <input type="text" /> elements, HTML_QuickForm_text


Class for <textarea> elements, HTML_QuickForm_textarea


Class for <button> elements, HTML_QuickForm_xbutton


Class for an advanced checkbox type field, HTML_QuickForm_advcheckbox. Basically this fixes a problem that HTML has had where checkboxes can only pass a single value (the value of the checkbox when checked).


Class for a text field with autocompletion feature, HTML_QuickForm_autocomplete. The element looks like a normal HTML input text element that at every keypressed javascript event, searches the array of options for a match and autocompletes the text in case of match.


Class for a group of elements used to input dates (and times), HTML_QuickForm_date


Class for a form element group, HTML_QuickForm_group. QuickForm allows grouping of several elements into one entity and using this entity as a new element.


Class for adding headers to the form, HTML_QuickForm_header


This class, HTML_QuickForm_hiddenselect, behaves as a select element, but instead of creating a <select> it creates hidden elements for all values already selected with setDefaults() or setConstants().


Class to dynamically create "chained" HTML <select> elements, HTML_QuickForm_hierselect. Choosing an option in the first <select> changes the available options of the second select and so on.


Deprecated. A pseudo-element used for adding raw HTML to form, HTML_QuickForm_html. Intended for use with the default renderer only, template-based ones may (and probably will) completely ignore this.


Class for a link type field, HTML_QuickForm_link


Class for static data, HTML_QuickForm_static

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