Subpackages – An overview about subpackages and packages that use QuickForm

Subpackages for HTML_QuickForm

This section describes the available subpackages for HTML_QuickForm, e.g. custom elements or renderers.


A custom element that emulates via two select boxes a select box that allows selecting of multiple options.


If you use the Tableless renderer (see below, HTML_QuickForm_Renderer_Tableless), this subpackage replaces the default client-side validation with a JavaScript alert window by dynamic (using DHTML) error messages that are printed directly above each erroneous element. (documentation)


This is another custom element. It creates an HTML input text element that at every keypressed javascript event, returns a list of options in a dynamic dropdown select box (especially useful to emulate a select box with a huge number of options). This element uses the AJAX technology.


This is a replacement for the default renderer of HTML_QuickForm that uses only XHTML and CSS but no table tags, and generates fully valid XHTML output. (documentation)


Another custom element that is used to define dynamic filters on the client-side for select elements.

More subpackages

There are some more subpackages available that were not yet proposed as PEAR packages. An example is a DHTMLRules subpackage for forms using the default renderer by Justin Patrin that was not yet proposed as a PEAR package.

Packages that use HTML_QuickForm

This section describes some packages that makes working with HTML_QuickForm easier, either in the case of working with databases or in the case of forms that have multiple pages.


FormBuilder aids in rapid application development using the packages DB_DataObject and HTML_QuickForm. (documentation)


This is a package that builds on PEAR DB and MDB2 to abstract datatypes and automate table creation, data validation, insert, update, delete, and select. It combines these with HTML_QuickForm to automatically generate input forms that match the table column definitions. (documentation)


If you want to create forms with multiple pages, this is the right package for you. It is an implementation of a PageController pattern. (documentation)

More packages

You can find more packages that have optional or required dependencies on HTML_QuickForm on the package site.

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