DB_DataObject::factory() – Autoload and instantate class based on table name.


mixed DB_DataObject::factory ( string $table )


This is the recommended way to autoload a class, and instantate it. The class is loaded based on the configuration settings (class_location and class_prefix) for table to class naming.


  • string $table - the table you want to load ([From Version 1.7.2] if blank, and called on an an instance of a dataobject, it will create a new instance of that object)

Return value

object mixed - DB_DataObject_Error or the object


Possible PEAR_Error values
Error code Error message Meaning Solution
DB_DATAOBJECT_ERROR_NOCLASS "could not autoload $class"    


This method can be called statically or dynamically.


Simple fetch of data based on Primary Key

// set up our options
$opts = &PEAR::getStaticProperty('DB_DataObject','options');
$opts = array(
'class_location'  => '/home/me/Projects/myapplication/DataObjects',
'class_prefix'    => 'DataObjects_'

// loads the file: /home/me/Projects/myapplication/DataObjects/Person.php
// and checks that the class DataObjects_Person exists, and returns an
// instance of it.

$person DB_DataObject::factory('person');

if (
$person->get(12)) {
} else {
"NO person 12 exists";

// it can also be used in a dynamically
class DataObjects_MyTable {
anExample() {
$person $this->factory('person');
// supported in version 1.7.2
$another_mytable $this->factory();
$another_person $person->factory();
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Note by: powtac@gmx.de
You can use staticGet() for primary key querys without factory!