->whereAdd() – Add WHERE statement


void $DB_DataObject->whereAdd ( string $where , string $logic )


Adds items to the where part of a SQL query. Calling this without any arguments clears the where condition. The default behavior is to add 'AND' to the existing conditions, use the $logic parameter to append OR conditions.


  • string $cond - condition to add, or blank to reset the conditions

  • string $logic - optional logic "OR" (defaults to "AND")


This function can not be called statically.

The quote_identifiers configuration option will not affect data sent to whereAdd.



Using whereAdd()

= new DataObjects_Person;
$person->whereAdd('age > 12');
$person->whereAdd('age < 30');

while (
$person->fetch()) {
"{$person->id} {$person->name}<br />";
$person = new DataObjects_Person;
$person->whereAdd('age < 12');
$person->whereAdd('age > 30''OR');

while (
$person->fetch()) {
"{$person->id} {$person->name}<br />";

Resulting SQL

SELECT * FROM person WHERE age > 12 AND age < 30

SELECT * FROM person WHERE age < 12 OR age > 30
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