->find() – find results


int $DB_DataObject->find ( boolean $autoFetch )


The find method builds and executes the current Query, based on the object variables and any WhereAdd() conditions , If the AutoFetch is TRUE, then it will also call the fetch method automatically.


  • boolean $autoFetch - fetch first result

Return value

int - number of rows found, only if the database backend supports the numRows() method. Otherwise 1 (or in versions after 1.7.13, true will returned)


This function can not be called statically.


Simple find() of data based on Object Vars

= new DataObjects_Person;
$person->hair 'red';
$person->has_glasses 1;
$number_of_rows $person->find();

Resulting SQL

FROM person WHERE hair='red' and has_glasses 1
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