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PHP API and tools for Amazon SQS (Simple Queue Service) Apache License 2.0
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0.3.0 (beta) was released on 2009-11-24 by gauthierm (Changelog)
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pear install Services_Amazon_SQS

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php pyrus.phar install pear/Services_Amazon_SQS

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» Description
This package provides an object-oriented interface to the Amazon Simple Queue Service (SQS). Included are client libraries and a command-line script for managing queues. You will need a set of web-service keys from Amazon Web Services that have SQS enabled. You can sign up for an account at:

Note: Although this package has no cost, Amazon's Web services are not free to use. You will be billed by Amazon for your use of SQS.

This package is derived with permission from the simple-aws package available at and written by Mike Brittain.

This package requires PHP 5.2.1. On Red Hat flavored distributions, the "php-xml" package must also be installed.

There are two main ways to use this package. Firstly, it provides an API that may be used to manage queues, and to add and remove messages from queues in PHP scripts. The Services_Amazon_SQS_QueueManager and Services_Amazon_SQS_Queue classes provide these methods.

Secondly, a command-line application for managing SQS queues is provided. This is installed by PEAR as "sqs". Running this command produces the following output:

A command-line interface to Amazon's Simple Queue Service (SQS).

/usr/bin/sqs [options]
/usr/bin/sqs [options] <command> [options] [args]

-c config, --config=config Find configuration in "config".

create Creates a new queue with the specified name. The queue may
take up to 60 seconds to become available.
delete Deletes an existing queue by the specified URI. The queue
may take up to 60 seconds to become unavailable.
help Displays an overview of available options and commands, or
detailed help for a specific command.
list Lists available queues. If a prefix is specified, only
queues beginning with the specified prefix are listed.
send Sends input from STDIN to the specified queue. The
resulting message identifier is displayed on STDOUT.
receive Receives a message from the specified queue. The message
body is displayed on STDOUT. If no message is received,
nothing is displayed on STDOUT.
version Displays version information and exits.
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