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» Michael Gauthier
I maintain and develop Crypt_GPG along with Nathan (nrf) from silverorange. I am also the lead developer for Services_Akismet2, Services_Amazon_SQS and Payment_PayPal_SOAP.

I am a developer at silverorange and have been using PHP since 2002.

I am a member of the PEAR Group for the 2009-2010 term. On IRC I am gauthierm.
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  • pear.pepr by alan_k
  • pear.bug by cweiske
  • by cellog
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History and notes

  • alan_k 2005-07-06:
    Account opened
  • alan_k 2007-03-30:
    karma pear.pepr granted
  • cweiske 2007-11-18:
    added pear.bug karma
  • cellog 2008-01-03:
    added karma
  • cweiske 2009-08-11:
    added karma

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