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DocBlock Generator The BSD License
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1.1.2 (stable) was released on 2011-12-11 by danielc (Changelog)
Easy Install

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pear install PHP_DocBlockGenerator

Pyrus Install

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php pyrus.phar install pear/PHP_DocBlockGenerator

Development Roadmap
  • Package Maintenance Rank: 74 of 229 packages with open bugs
  • Number of open bugs: 1 (9 total bugs)
  • Average age of open bugs: 4017 days
  • Oldest open bug: 4017 days
  • Number of open feature requests: 3 (7 total feature requests)

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» Description
Creates the file Page block and the DocBlocks for includes, global variables, functions, parameters, classes, constants, properties and methods.
Accepts parameters to set the category name, the package name, the author's name and email, the license, the package link, etc...
Attempts to guess variable and parameters types.
Aligns the DocBlock tags.
Tags are not updated or added to existing DocBlocks but only realigned.
The package can be run by: calling the "PHP_DocBlockGenerator" class, or by running the "docblockgen" DOS/Unix command.
Fully tested with phpUnit. Code coverage test close to 100%.
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