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  • Klaus Guenther  [2004-05-21 14:34 UTC]

    I'm announcing my candidacy :-)

    Klaus Guenther
  • Lukas Smith  [2004-05-21 14:40 UTC]

    I would also like to be part of the core QA team.
  • Stefan Neufeind  [2004-05-21 14:43 UTC]

    I'd also volunteer to be part of the QA team.
  • Arnaud Limbourg  [2004-05-21 14:44 UTC]

    volunteering as well
  • Klaus Guenther  [2004-05-21 14:49 UTC]

    Forgot to mention availability. I'm generally available Mon. through Sat. all year, including holidays. I'll be available on a limited basis till July, when I turn in my MA thesis. After that, I should have pretty much unlimited time to spend on QA.

    As for contribution, I'm running both php4 and php5 servers for testing purposes (apache, mysql), and I generally install and test releases as soon as possible. I'm very familiar with the HTML packages, especially those extending HTML_Common.
  • Helgi Þormar Þorbjörnsson  [2004-05-21 14:49 UTC]

    Count me in :)
  • Stephan Schmidt  [2004-05-21 15:22 UTC]

    I'd like to volunteer.

  • Tobias Schlitt  [2004-05-21 18:21 UTC]

    As stated a long time ago... Here is my voluntation.
  • Antônio Carlos Venâncio Júnior  [2004-05-21 18:36 UTC]

    I'd like to volunteer too.

  • David Costa  [2004-05-21 22:55 UTC]

    Willing to volunteer and be part of the QA team.
  • Aidan Lister  [2004-05-22 01:39 UTC]

    I'd also like to volunteer!

    I've available 5 days a week, strongly opinionated and convinced my views are correct.

  • Davey Shafik  [2004-05-22 10:17 UTC]

    Despite my initial thinkings, I too am going to nominate myself also. My impartialiaty isn't needed - I have no influence over this result - part of the reason for PEPr :)

    I will be in Florida starting ~June 15th, am a native english speaker and check my e-mail every 10 minutes (automatically!) between 10am and 3am GMT every day.

    - Davey
  • Peter Prochaska  [2004-05-24 06:12 UTC]

    I would like to be part of the core QA team.
  • Christian Wenz  [2004-05-24 11:51 UTC]

    as stated some time ago, I'd volunteer, too :)
  • Cipriano Groenendal  [2004-05-28 23:35 UTC]

    I too would like to be on the core-QA team. I know I'm way late with pointing this out, but I just got back from vacation and luckily found this thing :)

    I'm usually alive during the 6am - midnight part of the European day, and spend most of that time in my mailclient and on IRC.

    I've been doing the unofficial pear-qa team things for the last few months on PEAR-QA aswell, and hope I've atleast made some difference on there;)
  • Aidan Lister  [2004-06-05 15:02 UTC]

    It has now been over two weeks, and there are 15 candidates.

    I think there are a couple of options... Each candidate can post some information about themselves, availability, reason for joining, etc. Or, we can just jump straight into the voting!

    Here are the list of candidates (I've stuck boxes beside them incase we would like to start right away):

    Voters should choose their 7 prefered members, with 1 being the most preferable. Once you've run out of numbers, simply leave the boxes blank.

    I assume everyone is allowed to vote who has PEPr access, those in the running should feel free to vote (for themselves) also.

    [] Lukas Smith
    [] Stefan Neufeind
    [] Arnaud Limbourg
    [] Klaus Guenther
    [] Helgi Þormar
    [] Stephan Schmidt
    [] Tobias Schlitt
    [] Antônio Carlos Venâncio Júnior
    [] David Costa
    [] Aidan Lister
    [] Davey Shafik
    [] Peter Prochaska
    [] Christian Wenz
    [] Cipriano Groenendal

    Note: This is all a suggestion, Davey is/was handling this.
  • Helgi Þormar Þorbjörnsson  [2004-06-05 15:08 UTC]

    No we'll not have 1 2 3 4 etc. when voting, just simple X to those that we want to vote.
  • Lukas Smith  [2004-06-05 15:19 UTC]

    Actually I think its a good idea that everybody again give a bit information about themselves. Maybe we should better do so on a wiki?

    Anyways I am based in Berlin (that means I fall into CET timezone). I usually read all mails within 10 hours or so and reply within 24 hours. To dispell a common myth I am german and my mother tongue is german as well.

    I have been with PEAR since 2002 maintaining MDB[2] and LiveUser. I have been on pear-qa@ since its creation and actively take part in all discussions. I read all PEAR mailinglists (except for pear-webmasters@) actively. I try to visit atleast 2-3 PHP related conferences a year. I am also a member of the PEAR group :-)

    I use PEAR professionally inside my companies development framework. Beyond that I spend a fair share of my free time on PEAR.

    Generally I tend to be in the formal regulation camp, but I do think that alot of things are too hard to put into formal rules and instead common sense and trust should reign in those situations. I think PEAR QA should offer services to PEAR Dev but it needs to balance what it can actually sustain and where educating the the actual developers makes more long term sense. I think we should try to automate everything we manage to put into written regulations (like version naming etc) but we shouldnt apply automatic ways to determine relative quality (like bug count, meantime to fix, CVS commits, etc).
  • Stephan Schmidt  [2004-06-05 16:28 UTC]

    OK, lets do some stat('schst');

    I'm living in Karlsruhe/Germany, so I'm located in the same timezone as Lukas and German is my mother tongue, too. I've been studying English, so I'm quite fluent in written and spoken English.

    I'm developing PHP since 1999, and I'm spending approx. 10 hours a day coding PHP.

    I joined PEAR in July 2003 and currently maintain 11 packages as lead developer and contribute to one package as developer. Besides PEAR I'm lead developer of, where I release stuff that does not fit into PEAR, like my templating engine, a user-management package, my own version of XML_Transformer (older than XML_Transformer and thus really buggy...) and some other packages.
    I'm a regular contributor to the German PHP Magazin, but I also did some articles for php|a. I attended several PHP conferences (as a speaker, including PHPCon (New York, SF), PHP Conference, Linuxtag and I will be doing a PEAR talk at the O'Reilly Open Source Con in July.
    In my everyday work I do a lot of stuff for Europe's largest webhoster (,, so I'm used to working with new technologies and large-scale web-sites. Currently I'm also working on an extension that I'd like to see included in pecl.

    I'm especially interested in XML (I maintain 8 XML_* packages) and the PEAR manual, I set up a testing enviroment at I read my mails within one hour during worktime and I'll answer PEAR related stuff within 24 hours.

    I'm subscribed to pear-dev, pear-doc, pear-qa as well as PHP internals. I try to take part in as many discussions as possible. My previous QA-actions have been some patches and advices to developers (mostly XML related) and I adopted two orphaned packages (Tomas' XML_Parser and XML_DTD).

    I think the QA team should help developers create unit tests as well as set up a automatic testing environment, which is able to run unit-tests for new releases as well as current CVS versions. I developed a small script for which creates PEAR packages for some of my non-PEAR projects from CVS. This allows users to test versions before they are released and as every snapshot has a unique version number, bug reports can be accurate. I guess, this could be useful for PEAR as well.