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Tobias Schlitt is an active PEAR developer since late 2002. Beside the maintainance of PEAR packages he works on the PEAR website (mainly the proposal system PEPr) and is member of the PEAR Core-QA Team.

Tobias studies computer sience at the technical university of Darmstadt and is available as a freelancer in the areas of development, architecture and education.
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  • by mj
  • pear.pepr.admin by mj

History and notes

  • ssb 2002-11-28:
    Account opened
  • mj 2007-03-30:
    karma granted
  • mj 2007-03-30:
    karma pear.pepr.admin granted
  • lsmith 2007-03-30:
    karma granted
  • kguest 2011-03-08:
    removed karma

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