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XML-RPC client/server library LGPL-2.1
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1.1.5 (stable) was released on 2022-07-24 by ashnazg (Changelog)
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pear install XML_RPC2

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php pyrus.phar install pear/XML_RPC2

  • Package Maintenance Rank: 98 of 229 packages with open bugs
  • Number of open bugs: 6 (56 total bugs)
  • Average age of open bugs: 4385 days
  • Oldest open bug: 4853 days
  • Number of open feature requests: 1 (17 total feature requests)

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» Description
XML_RPC2 is a pear package providing XML_RPC client and server services. XML-RPC is a simple remote procedure call protocol built using HTTP as transport and XML as encoding.
As a client library, XML_RPC2 is capable of creating a proxy class which exposes the methods exported by the server. As a server library, XML_RPC2 is capable of exposing methods from a class or object instance, seamlessly exporting local methods as remotely callable procedures.
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