Net_NNTP_Client::getOverview() – Fetch newsgroup overview


require_once 'Net/NNTP/Client.php';

array Net_NNTP_Client::getOverview ( string $first , string $last )


Returns (a certain range of) the overview of the currently selected newsgroup. selected newsgroup


  • $first - first article number, start of the range

  • $last - last article number, end of the range

Return value

array - a nested array indicated by the message id of the article, every entry contains the header as array

[message_id][headername] = headercontent


This function can not be called statically.

Be careful with choosing the range. It could requires some time to get a huge number of message headers.


Using getOverview()

$ret $nntp->connect('');
PEAR::isError($ret)) {
// handle error
} else {
// print the last 10 messages
$data $nntp->selectGroup('');
$msgs $nntp->getOverview$data['last'] - 10$data[last]);

$msgs as $msg) {
// print subjects
echo $msg['subject'].'<br>';
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User Notes:

Note by: cweiske
The end user manual documents a deprecated version of the getOverview method. The correct version (as described in the API documentation) is as follows:

mixed getOverview(
$range = null], [boolean
$_names = true], [boolean
$_forceNames = true])