Net_NNTP_Client::getBodyRaw() – Fetch the body of an article from the NNTP-server


require_once 'Net/NNTP/Client.php';

mixed Net_NNTP_Client::getBodyRaw ( string $article , boolean $implode = false )


Returns the whole body of an article from the currently selected newsgroup


  • string $article - article number or Message-ID of the article to fetch

    boolean $implode - Determines if the resulting array is to be imploded into a string.

Return value

string/array - If message exists the body or a PEAR_Error, if fail.


Possible PEAR_Error values
Error code Error message Reason Solution
NULL Different error messages The messages are directly passed from the news server, in the most cases caused by calling a non existing article


since 0.3

This function can not be called statically.

getBody() makes no converting of the body content to any character set. You get the content 'as is'.


Using getBodyRaw()


$body $nntp->getBodyRaw($msgId);
PEAR::isError($body)) {
// handle error
} else {
// success - print body
echo $body;
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