Class Summary Translation2_Decorator

Class Summary Translation2_Decorator – Decorates a Translation2 class.

Decorates a Translation2 class.

Create a subclass of this class for your own "decoration". The base class acts as a proxy to these methods:

  • get()

  • getDecorator()

  • getLang()

  • getLangs()

  • getPage()

  • getRaw()

  • getRawPage()

  • getStringID()

  • replaceEmptyStringsWithKeys()

  • setCharset()

  • setContainerOptions() [protected]

  • setLang()

  • setOption()

  • setOptions() [protected]

  • setPageID()

  • setParams()

  • translate()

If you want to "decorate" any of these methods, you have to override them in your custom Decorator.

Class Trees for Translation2_Decorator

  • Translation2_Decorator

Classes that extend Translation2_Decorator
Class Summary
Translation2_Decorator_CacheLiteFunction Decorator to cache fetched data using Cache_Lite_Function class
Translation2_Decorator_CacheMemory Decorator to cache fetched data in memory
Translation2_Decorator_DefaultText Decorator to provide a fallback text for empty strings.
Translation2_Decorator_ErrorText Decorator to provide an error_text message for empty strings.
Translation2_Decorator_Iconv Decorator to switch from/to different encodings.
Translation2_Decorator_Lang Decorator to provide a fallback language for empty strings.
Translation2_Decorator_SpecialChars Decorator to replace special chars with the matching html entities.
Translation2_Decorator_UTF8 Decorator to convert UTF-8 strings to ISO-8859-1
Return an instance of an admin decorator (Previous) Decorator to cache fetched data using Cache_Lite_Function class (Next)
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