Class Summary Translation2_Decorator_CacheLiteFunction

Class Summary Translation2_Decorator_CacheLiteFunction – Decorator to cache fetched data using Cache_Lite_Function class

Cache_Lite_Function Decorator Example

This decorator provides a very efficient cache layer. It requires PEAR::Cache_Lite. It supports all the main options supported by Cache_Lite:

  • lifeTime [integer]

  • cacheDir [string]

  • fileLocking [boolean]

  • caching [boolean]

If you need to pass an option directly to the Cache_Lite object, you can use setCacheOption().

= new Translation2($driver$dbinfo$params);
$tr =& $tr->getDecorator('CacheLiteFunction');
$tr->setOption('lifeTime'3600*24*7); //one week

//change a custom Cache_Lite option
Decorates a Translation2 class. (Previous) Decorator to cache fetched data in memory (Next)
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