Class Summary Translation2_Decorator_DefaultText

Class Summary Translation2_Decorator_DefaultText – Decorator to provide a fallback text for empty strings.

DefaultText Decorator Example

When the fetched string is empty, it replaces it with the 4th parameter of the get() method, i.e. $defaultText. If the defaultText parameter is empty too, then return "$emptyPostfix.$outputString.$emptyPrefix", the three variables being class properties you can set to a custom string.

When getPage() is called, all the empty strings in the page are replaced by their stringID value.

= new Translation2($driver$dbinfo$params);
$tr =& $tr->getDecorator('DefaultText');

// %stringID% will be replaced with the stringID
// %pageID_url% will be replaced with the pageID
// %stringID_url% will replaced with a urlencoded stringID
// %url% will be replaced with the targeted url
$tr->outputString '%stringID%<a href="%url%">(T)</a>'//default: '%stringID%'
$tr->url '#';           //same as default
$tr->emptyPrefix  '[';  //default: empty string
$tr->emptyPostfix ']';  //default: empty string
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