{method(arguments,#quoted arguments#)}

{method(arguments,#quoted arguments#)} – creates a PHP method call, and echos the results


Usage ( {method()} , {method():h} , {method():u} , {object.method()} , {method(with.a.variable)} , {method(with.multiple,variables)} , {method(with.variables,#and strings or literals#)} )


creates an PHP method call, any with any number of arguments, as variables or literals (quoted in #). the return value is echoed, and passed by a modifier (like variables)

  • No Modifier - does htmlspecialchars($variable)
  • :h - echos without any change - eg. raw
  • :u - echos urlencode($variable)


Including another template


class example_page {
    var $masterTemplate = "master.html";
    var $bodyTemplate =   "body.html";
    function ucfirst($string) {
        return ucfirst($string);
    function includeBody() {
        $template = new HTML_Template_Flexy();

Calling includeBody in template, and ucfirst


{ucfirst(#this is the header#)}


Footer Goes Here.

Compiled template

<?php echo htmlspecialchars($t->ucfirst("this is the header")); ?>

<?php echo $t->includeBody(); ?>

Footer Goes Here.

Output from the code

This is the header

Hello World

Footer Goes Here.
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