<TEXTAREA NAME="name"> – creates PHP variable for textarea value


Usage ( <TEXTAREA NAME="name"> )


fills in the form with values based on the form name and the tag name. If flexyignore is used, it is left alone (or if the body or form has a flexyignore tag it will be left alone).


Using an element to change a template.

= new HTML_Template_Flexy();

// create an instance (note you dont have to specify any details..)

$elements['test'] = new HTML_Template_Flexy_Element;

// change an attribute
$elements['test']->attributes['class'] = 'bold';

// sets the value

$form->outputObject(new StdClass$elements);

// in the example below, the new data you have added is to the existing attributes

template example

  <FORM name="XXXX" flexy:ignoreonly="yes">

    <textarea name="test"></textarea>


compiled template

  <FORM name="XXXX">

    <?php echo $this->elements['test']->toHtml();?>


output from the Template

  <FORM name="XXXX">

     <textarea name="test" class="bold">Fred</textarea>

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