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This package has been superseded, but is still maintained for bugs and security fixes. Use Services_Akismet2 instead.
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PHP client for the Akismet REST API MIT
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1.0.1 (stable) was released on 2008-05-03 by gauthierm (Changelog)
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pear install Services_Akismet

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php pyrus.phar install pear/Services_Akismet

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No open bugs
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» Description
This package provides an object-oriented interface to the Akismet REST API. Akismet is used to detect and to filter spam comments posted on weblogs. Though the use of Akismet is not specific to Wordpress, you will need a Wordpress API key from to use this package.

Akismet is free for personal use and a license may be purchased for commercial or high-volume applications.

This package is derived from the miPHP Akismet class written by Bret Kuhns for use in PHP 4. This package requires PHP 5.2.1.
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