Mail_mimeDecode::uudecode() – decode of UU-coded data


require_once 'Mail/mimeDecode.php';

array &uudecode ( string $input )


Decodes UU-coded data. 'Unix-to-Unix'-Encoding is used to send binary files (eg. programs, graphics) over 7bit-ASCII-only media, like email.


  • string $input - data to decode

Return value

array - the decoded data

  • string $return[]['filename'] - the name of the UUencoded file.

  • string $return[]['fileperm'] - the file permissions of the UUencoded file, if given. The format is unix-styled, ie. "0666" or "666".

  • string $return[]['filedata'] - the decoded content of the UUencoded file.


This function can be called statically.

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