HTML_QuickForm::registerRule() – Registers a new validation rule


require_once 'HTML/QuickForm.php';

void HTML_QuickForm::registerRule ( string $ruleName , string $type , string $data1 , string $data2 = null )


Registers a new validation rule


string $ruleName

Name of validation rule

string $type

Either: 'regex' or 'callback' ('function' is also kept for backward compatibility). If registering a subclass of HTML_QuickForm_Rule you can pass anything here, preferrably NULL or empty string.

string $data1

Name of function, regular expression, classname of HTML_QuickForm_Rule subclass or an instance of such class.

The callback function needs to return true or false, determining if the rule is passed or not.

string $data2

Object parent of above function, name of the file containing the subclass of HTML_QuickForm_Rule.


throws no exceptions thrown


since 1.0

This function can not be called statically.

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User Notes:

Note by: kguest
One example of this is:

$form->registerRule('phone','regex', '/^[\d\-\.\s]+$/');

this rule will only allow numeric phone numbers with an optional separator between each grouping of numbers.
Separator may be either a space, hyphen, full-stop/period.