HTML_QuickForm::addGroupRule() – Adds a validation rule for the given group


require_once 'HTML/QuickForm.php';

void HTML_QuickForm::addGroupRule ( string $group , mixed $arg1 , string $type = '' , string $format = '' , int $howmany = 0 , string $validation = 'server' , bool $reset = false )


Adds a validation rule for the given group of elements

Only groups with a name can be assigned a validation rule. Use addGroupRule() when you need to validate elements inside the group. Also use addRule() if you need to validate the group as a whole.


string $group

Form group name

mixed $arg1

Array for multiple elements or error message string for one element. If this is the array, its structure is the following:

array (
    'element name or index' => array(
        array(rule data),
        array(rule data)
    'element name or index' => array(
        array(rule data),
        array(rule data)

rule data here matches the parameters' order and meaning for addRule() method.

If this parameter is an array, all the subsequent parameters are ignored. You should pass all the modifiers for the rules being added within this array (see the example below).
string $type

(optional) Rule type. Use getRegisteredRules() to get types. You can also pass a classname for a descendant of HTML_QuickForm_Rule or an instance of such class.

string $format

(optional) Required for extra rule data

integer $howmany

(optional) How many valid elements should be in the group

string $validation

(optional)Where to perform validation: "server", "client"

boolean $reset

Client-side: whether to reset the element's value to its original state if validation failed.


Possible PEAR_Error values
Error code Error message Reason Solution
QUICKFORM_NONEXIST_ELEMENT Group '$group' does not exist in HTML_QuickForm::addGroupRule() Tried to add a rule for a non-existant group Check the group name spelling
QUICKFORM_NONEXIST_ELEMENT Element '$elementIndex' not found in group '$group' in HTML_QuickForm::addGroupRule() $arg1 is an array and contains an index for an element not present in a group Check the element index spelling
QUICKFORM_INVALID_RULE Rule '$type' is not registered in HTML_QuickForm::addGroupRule() Rule is not known to QuickForm Check rule type spelling or use HTML_QuickForm::registerRule().


since 2.5

This function can not be called statically.


Using addGroupRule()

// a group of 4 checkboxes
$checkbox[] = &HTML_QuickForm::createElement('checkbox''A'null'A');
$checkbox[] = &HTML_QuickForm::createElement('checkbox''B'null'B');
$checkbox[] = &HTML_QuickForm::createElement('checkbox''C'null'C');
$checkbox[] = &HTML_QuickForm::createElement('checkbox''D'null'D');
$form->addGroup($checkbox'ichkABCD''ABCD:', array('&nbsp;''<br />'));
// Simple rule: at least 2 checkboxes should be checked
$form->addGroupRule('ichkABCD''Please check at least two boxes''required'null2);

$idGrp[] = &HTML_QuickForm::createElement('text''lastname''Name', array('size' => 30));
$idGrp[] = &HTML_QuickForm::createElement('text''code''Code', array('size' => 5'maxlength' => 4));
// Complex rule for group's elements
$form->addGroupRule('id', array(
'lastname' => array(
'Name is letters only''lettersonly'),
'Name is required''required'null'client')
'code' => array(
'Code must be numeric''numeric')
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