MDB_Common::execute() – executes a prepared SQL statement


require_once 'MDB.php';

mixed execute ( resource $stmt , array $types = null , array $params = array() , array $param_types = null )


execute() joins the prepared SQL statement from prepareQuery() with the given data and executes the SQL query.


resource $stmt

query handle from prepareQuery()

array $types

if supplied, the types of the columns in the result set will be set for fetching

array $params

a numeric array containing the data to insert into the query

array $param_types

if supplied, the values in $param will automatically be set to the passed datatypes

Return value

mixed - a resource id/MDB_OK or a MDB_Error, if fail


Possible PEAR_Error values
Error code Error message Reason Solution
MDB_ERROR_INVALID NULL SQL statement handle is not valid. Check correct processing of the SQL statement with prepareQuery() . Note that execute() requires a handle to the statement returned by prepareQuery() , not the statement itself.
MDB_ERROR_NEED_MORE_DATA NULL To less data for filling the prepared SQL statement. Check the number of wild cards given in the SQL statement for prepareQuery() . Check the count of entries in the array for $data. The count of entries have to be equal to the number of wild cards.
MDB_ERROR_NO_DB_SELECTED NULL No database was chosen. Check the DSN in connect() .
every other error code   Database specific error Check the database related section of PHP-Manual to detect the reason for this error. In the most cases a misformed SQL statement. Ie. using LIMIT in a SQL-Statement for an Oracle database.


This function can not be called statically.

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