DB_NestedSet::getRootNodes() – Fetches the first level (the rootnodes) of the NestedSet


require_once 'DB/NestedSet.php';

mixed DB_NestedSet::getRootNodes ( bool $keepAsArray = false , bool $aliasFields = true , array $addSQL = array() )


This package is not documented yet.


boolean $keepAsArray

(optional) Keep the result as an array or transform it into a set of DB_NestedSet_Node objects?

boolean $aliasFields

(optional) Should we alias the fields so they are the names of the parameter keys, or leave them as is?

array $addSQL

(optional) Array of additional params to pass to the query.

Return value

returns False on error, or an array of nodes


see _addSQL


throws no exceptions thrown


This function can not be called statically.


Get Rootnodes

$nestedSet =& DB_NestedSet::factory('DB'$dsn$params);
$parent $nestedSet->createRootNode(array('name' => 'root-node'), falsetrue);
$nestedSet->createSubNode($parent, array('name' => 'sub1'));
$parent2 $nestedSet->createRootNode($parent, array('name' => 'sub-node), '1', false);
    $nestedSet->createSubNode($parent2, array('
name' => 'sub2'));
    $data = $nestedSet->getRootNodes();
Fetch the parents of a node given by id (Previous) Fetch all siblings of the node given by id Important: The node given by ID will also be returned Do a unset($array[$id]) on the result if you don't want that (Next)
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