Proposal for "[QA-Core] Orphan PEPr proposals"

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The problem

It happens more or less often, that

  1. PEPr proposals get stuck in a specific proposal phase,
  2. PEPr proposals get accepted, but no package is registered / released.

The solution

In these 2 cases PEAR QA should step in and try to get in touch with the specific proposers. If the proposer is no more interessted in the proposal, PEAR QA should search for a new maintainer for the package or the proposal should be deleted.

For these steps the following time frames are proposed:

For proposals in stages "draft" and "proposal"

  • PEAR QA posts a reminder comment to the proposal after 1 week of inactivity.
  • If the proposer does not react within 2 weeks, the proposal gets deleted.

For proposals in stage "finished"

  • PEAR QA tries to contact the maintainer 4 weeks after the proposal is finished and no release has been throwen.
  • If the maintainer can not be contacted within 4 weeks, PEAR QA starts searching for a new maintainer.
  • If no new maintainer is found within 4 weeks, the proposal gets marked as orphan.

The above stated actions maybe automized inside PEARWeb in future, as far as possible.

Orphan marker:

Finished proposals should not be deleted, but marked as orphan. This marker should have the following content:

  • To the name of the proposal the following tag will be added: "[QA-ORPHAN]".
  • To the describtion of the proposal the following text will be added at the top: "This proposal has been marked orphan by PEAR-QA on <DATE> because of the inactivity of the proposer. This means, that the proposal is invalid from this date on. If you have a similar proposal or want to re-activate this proposal, feel free to create a new PEPr proposal for it.".

Initial cleanup

To get this process running, an initial cleanup is required. The procedure is only run once, when this proposal gets accepted. This cleanup should have the following steps:

Proposals in stages "proposal" and "draft"

PEAR QA will post a reminder comment to every proposal which shows no action since 4 weeks. If the proposer is not reachable within 1 week, the proposal is deleted.

Proposals in stage "finished"

PEAR QA will try to get in touch with the proposers of every proposal which is older than 4 weeks and for which no package has been registerd, yet. If the proposer is not reachable within 2 weeks, the proposal is marked as orphan.

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  • First Draft: 2005-01-07
  • Proposal: 2005-01-07
  • Call for Votes: 2005-01-26
  • Tobias Schlitt
    [2005-01-10 20:26 UTC]

    • Added handling rules for proposals stuck in stage "draft" and "proposal".
    • Refined process time frames.
    • Added a one time procedure for initial clean up.
    • The topic of orphaned packages will be part of another proposal.
  • Tobias Schlitt
    [2005-01-11 11:19 UTC]

    • Added tag "[QA-Core]" to the RFC title to indicate the affiliation to PEAR-QA, not to a specific person.
  • Tobias Schlitt
    [2005-01-24 22:07 UTC]

    • Changed title from "Orphaned PEPr proposals" to "Orphan PEPr proposals"
    • Updated timespans to mirror Alan's comment ("The principle being, they could recreate the proposal later if they intend it to be considered.").
    • Changed removal of finished proposals to an orphan marker.

    I will call for votes on this in the very near future, if no more comments are received.