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  • Vilius Zaikauskas  [2013-02-18 17:50 UTC]

    I have made some updates on . Let me know if I should submit another package.
  • Till Klampaeckel  [2013-02-19 15:18 UTC]

    This looks interesting. And it's an impressive piece of work!

    A few comments (just browsed through the code briefly):

    * add some examples
    * find a common "namespace" and stack all classes into it — since you mention PHP 5.3, why not go all the way with proper namespaces and move this code into pear2? (
    * avoid global constants with define() — e.g. use class constants if possible
    * I read somewhere that PEAR is only required when you install through it, but there is a `require_once "PEAR.php";` in PGraph.php. if you get rid off this, that would be great.
    * maybe add a `composer.json` for flexibility
    * check if `private` is really necessary or if you could do with `protected` to make extending your code easier
    * you can simplify many of these:
    * strip require_once calls and rely on autoload — either provide one or let the user decide what they want to do.
  • Vilius Zaikauskas  [2013-02-19 15:35 UTC]

    Till Klampaeckel: Thank you for the suggestions and the support. I will definitely address the comments. They are greatly appreciated!
  • Vilius Zaikauskas  [2013-02-27 03:59 UTC]

    How much are namespaces encouraged?