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  • David Jean Louis  [2008-12-29 13:37 UTC]

    Hi Dave,

    Very good initiative.
    All tests pass and phpcs is silent on the the "Image" directory.

    Just a minor note:
    * The test files contain tabs instead of spaces (probably inherited from the old code)... you should "s/\t/ /" them;
    * You should remove the closing php tag (?>), it's not needed and as it's an image package it will prevent breaking image generation if there's extra space after the closing tag.

  • Daniel O'Connor  [2009-01-15 13:11 UTC]

    parent::setUp() isn't needed if you jsut extend PHPUnit_Framework_TestCase:

    protected function setUp()

    $this->_Image_Barcode2 = new Image_Barcode2();

    2) Image_Barcode2Test doesn't appear to have assertations in it - have I missed something?

    3) Consider 'agile documentation' for Image_Barcode2Test and others

    or run current tests with
    phpunit --testdocs

    4) Though it breaks expectations from the previous package, I'd kind of like to see only returning things from Image_Barcode2::draw(); and possibly a 'render helper' type method which you can call to help with output to the browser.

    More testable that way.

    5) Test cases don't cover off execution paths which raise exceptions - that would be nice to have going forward

    6) I don't know if you want to go down this path; but pre-rendering a number of images and creating test cases to ensure they render the same way might be worth thinking about - will help you catch subtle breakages; but also could record a lot of false positives (two systems use slightly different image encoding libraries => false failure of test)

    Otherwise, pretty neat and happy to have you on board.
  • Daniel O'Connor  [2009-01-15 13:12 UTC]

    oops, phpunit --testdox even
  • Michael Gauthier  [2011-01-30 22:00 UTC]


    The latest comments on this proposal indicate it is looking good. Are you going to continue the proposal and get it into PEAR?
  • Dave Hall  [2011-02-14 14:35 UTC]

    I hope to find some time to make this happen in the coming weeks. I finished working on the project which relied on this. I need to spend some time polishing Image_Diff before I can get this accepted.