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  • Mark Wiesemann  [2006-02-26 18:16 UTC]

    Can you please put .phps variants of the package files online?
  • Lukas Smith  [2006-02-26 18:29 UTC]

    I fear DB is fundamentally flawed here, because there is no reliable way to determine if the query was a manipulation query or not. Just look at the various open bug reports on this topic.

    MDB2 therefore requires the user to make this information available explicitly. Furthermore MDB2 already has ways to hook callbacks into the query process. Potentially these could be expanded.
  • Joe Stump  [2006-02-27 03:57 UTC]

    Does MDB2 support the PEAR DB API? This package is a direct result of a need at my own company that uses PEAR's DB. If MDB2 is BC with PEAR DB then I can investigate that.

    I've looked over the bugs in DB and they all appear to be PGSQL related (and appear to have simple fixes for them).
  • Lukas Smith  [2006-02-27 07:31 UTC]

    No its not BC, though there is a wrapper (in CVS only). The problem is that your solution is likely to work only with simple queries. However since you wrap around the entire DB object you could request the user to pass in the manipulation yes-no information. That would make the solution viable for DB.

    Personally I obviously prefer people migrating to MDB2. The API is different, but not radically different.
  • Joe Stump  [2006-03-03 18:21 UTC]

    I've added a new function called queryMaster() that will send all queries to the master. Additionally, you can turn autoCommit(false), which will send 100% of all queries to the master until autoCommit(true) is turned back on.
  • Daniel O'Connor  [2008-04-06 07:09 UTC]

    Hey Jo, want to repost new links for this package?
  • Michael Gauthier  [2011-01-30 22:14 UTC]

    Joe's not here anymore. If this proposal is going to continue, it needs a new maintainer.