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  • Stephan Schmidt  [2004-08-27 09:19 UTC]


    If this is just a driver for DB, you should probably contact Daniel (lead of the DB package) so he will include it in the next release.

    IMHO there's no need for a proposal process.

  • Robert Twitty  [2004-08-27 13:14 UTC]

    This needs to be clarified. The reason is because there are some DB drivers which are separate packages. For example, DB_ado and DB_ldap.

    -- bob
  • Michael Wallner  [2004-08-27 13:53 UTC]

    Well, there are surely some pros and cons:

    For instance, the driver gets shipped with DB, i.e. with PEAR, i.e. with PHP by default - on the other hand you cannot release your driver separatly and have to wait until the DB package gets released every time you applied changes...

    I'd say if Robert thinks he's better done with a separate package he should go through the proposal preocedure.
  • Robert Twitty  [2004-08-27 16:50 UTC]

    It does make better sense to include it with DB. However, the fact that there are separately maintained DB drivers, makes things a little ambiguous.
  • Michael Wallner  [2004-08-27 17:08 UTC]

    I'd really have no problem with a separate DB_odbtp package because it would surely fit into where DB_ldap and DB_ado reside.

    Those are not "standard" database drivers.
  • Robert Twitty  [2004-08-27 18:04 UTC]

    I agree, DB_odbtp is more in line with DB_ado and DB_ldap than it is with the drivers packaged with DB.
  • Michael Wallner  [2004-09-02 10:53 UTC]

    Could you please put some highlitet source code somewhere online - for the lazy like me?

  • Michael Wallner  [2004-09-03 07:03 UTC]

    Sorry for not being clear enough - of course I meant the source of the odbtp.php; nice examples, btw.
  • Robert Twitty  [2004-09-03 15:31 UTC]

    I included a link for viewing all of the driver's source code, since I was not sure what part would be the best to highlight.
  • Martin Jansen  [2004-09-04 11:11 UTC]

    Just a minor coding standards glitch:

    switch( $this->odbc_driver ) {

    should be

    switch ($this->odbc_driver) {
  • Robert Twitty  [2004-09-05 00:48 UTC]

    The "switch" statement was changed to match PEAR CS. I also corrected a few "if" statements that violated the CS.