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Weblog:iBlog - Ilia Alshanetsky
Title:PHP Excel Extension
Since I broke my right hand 3 weeks ago while biking, I found myself with a lot of spare time :/. It is amazing just how limited your ability to do things becomes when you can only use one hand. So, to stave off the boredom, I've been slowly toiling away
Weblog:Php y otras yerbas, por Clbustos
Title:Curso de PHP V

1.- Desarrollo PHP en aplicaciones de mediana y gran envergadura
[Extraído de Enterprise PHP]
Muchos desarrolladores señalan que PHP no es apto para proyectos de

Weblog:The Lee Household
Title:Workable package of PHP Spreadsheet Writer.
A complete package of the PHP Spreadsheet Writer utility in completely functional form. Spreadsheet_Excel_Writer is a nice little PHP based utility that uses PEAR and OLE to create Excel spreadsheets out of whatever information you feed through PHP. It'