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Helps you communicate with IRC networks in whatever way you might need, whether in a CLI program or as part of a web page. Also well-suited for bot development. LGPL
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1.1.14 (stable) was released on 2019-07-25 by garrettw (Changelog)
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pear install Net_SmartIRC

Pyrus Install

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php pyrus.phar install pear/Net_SmartIRC

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» Description
SmartIRC is your go-to library for interfacing with IRC networks. All you need is PHP 5.3 or later.

Full feature list:
- Fully object-oriented programmed
- Your bot class can be inline in the same file you call SmartIRC from, or included as an external file
- Every received IRC message is parsed into an object you can easily get information from
(containing the following info: rawmessage, from, nick, ident, host, type, params, message, channel)
- Make your bots using Action Handlers and Time Handlers, which register custom callbacks when various events happen or on time intervals, respectively – or, extend the Net_SmartIRC class to add (or override) handlers directly using individual server message types
- Flood protection which uses a send buffer with a queue that has 3 priority levels (high, medium, low) plus a bypass level (critical)
- Nick collision detection and handling
- Auto-retry during initial connection attempt
- Auto-reconnect if connection is lost, which will re-join to the channels it was in before
- Debugging/logging system with log levels (destination can be file, stdout, syslog or browserout)
- Supports PHP as old as 5.3.0
- Channel syncing (tracking of users/modes/topic etc in objects)
- Customizable CTCP VERSION reply
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