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User authentication and permission management framework LGPL
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0.16.14 (beta) was released on 2010-10-15 by doconnor (Changelog)
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pear install LiveUser

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php pyrus.phar install pear/LiveUser

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» Description
LiveUser is a set of classes for dealing with user authentication
and permission management. Basically, there are three main elements that
make up this package:

* The LiveUser class
* The Auth containers
* The Perm containers

The LiveUser class takes care of the login process and can be configured
to use a certain permission container and one or more different auth containers.
That means, you can have your users' data scattered amongst many data containers
and have the LiveUser class try each defined container until the user is found.
For example, you can have all website users who can apply for a new account online
on the webserver's local database. Also, you want to enable all your company's
employees to login to the site without the need to create new accounts for all of
them. To achieve that, a second container can be defined to be used by the LiveUser class.

You can also define a permission container of your choice that will manage the rights for
each user. Depending on the container, you can implement any kind of permission schemes
for your application while having one consistent API.

Using different permission and auth containers, it's easily possible to integrate
newly written applications with older ones that have their own ways of storing permissions
and user data. Just make a new container type and you're ready to go!

Currently available are containers using:
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