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A package for building Calendar data structures (irrespective of output) BSD
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0.5.5 (beta) was released on 2010-06-24 by quipo (Changelog)
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pear install Calendar

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php pyrus.phar install pear/Calendar

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» Description
Calendar provides an API for building Calendar data structures. Using
the simple iterator and it's "query" API, a user interface can easily be
built on top of the calendar data structure, at the same time easily connecting it
to some kind of underlying data store, where "event" information is
being held.

It provides different calculation "engines" the default being based on
Unix timestamps (offering fastest performance) with an alternative using PEAR::Date
which extends the calendar past the limitations of Unix timestamps. Other engines
should be implementable for other types of calendar (e.g. a Chinese Calendar based
on lunar cycles).
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