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reCAPTCHA Mailhide – getting started with the Mailhide functionality of Services_ReCaptcha

Instanciating the Services_ReCaptcha_MailHide class

To instanciate the Services_ReCaptcha_MailHide class just do:


require_once 'Services/ReCaptcha/MailHide.php';

$recaptcha = new Services_ReCaptcha_MailHide('your_public_key''your_private_key''');


You can also pass an array of option as third parameter, or pass options later with the Services_ReCaptcha_Base::setOption() or Services_ReCaptcha_Base::setOptions()

Available options are:

Services_ReCaptcha_MailHide options
Name Description Type Default value
mask_text The chars that will be displayed in the email address to hide it string ... (three dots)
link_text An alternate string for the text of the link string null
link_title Text to display as the title (tooltip) of the link string Reveal this e-mail address
popup_width The popup width in pixels integer 500
popup_height The popup height in pixels integer 300

Recaptcha Mailhide example


 * Include the Services_ReCaptcha_MailHide class
require_once 'Services/ReCaptcha/MailHide.php';

// you must generate your API keys here:
$publicKey  'your_public_key';
$privateKey 'your_private_key';

// we instanciate our Services_ReCaptcha_MailHide instance with the public key
// and the private key
$mailhide1 = new Services_ReCaptcha_MailHide(

$mailhide2 = new Services_ReCaptcha_MailHide(
'link_text' => 'John Doe')

$mailhide3 = new Services_ReCaptcha_MailHide(
'link_text'    => 'Click here to display my email',
'link_title'   => 'Some help message',
'link_title'   => 'Some help message',
'popup_width'  => 800,
'popup_height' => 600,

    <title>recaptcha test</title>
    <h2>Hidden emails can be displayed like this:</h2>
    <p><?php echo $mailhide1 ?></p>
    <h2>Like this:</h2>
    <p><?php echo $mailhide2 ?></p>
    <h2>And even like this:</h2>
    <p><?php echo $mailhide3 ?></p>
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