Structures_DataGrid::dataSourceFactory() – Datasource driver Factory


require_once 'Structures/DataGrid.php';

Structures_DataGrid_DataSource|PEAR_Error& Structures_DataGrid::dataSourceFactory ( mixed $source , array $options = array() , string $type = null )


A clever method which loads and instantiate data source drivers.

Can be called in various ways:

Detect the source type and load the appropriate driver with default options:

=& Structures_DataGrid::dataSourceFactory($source);

Detect the source type and load the appropriate driver with custom options:

=& Structures_DataGrid::dataSourceFactory($source$options);

Load a driver for an explicit type (faster, bypasses detection routine):

=& Structures_DataGrid::dataSourceFactory($source$options$type);


mixed $source

The data source respective to the driver

array $options

An associative array of the form: array(optionName => optionValue, ...)

string $type

The data source type constant (of the form DATAGRID_SOURCE_*)

Return value

returns driver object or PEAR_Error on failure


throws no exceptions thrown


see Structures_DataGrid::_detectSourceType()


This function can not be called statically.

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