Structures_DataGrid::bind() – A simple way to add a record set to the datagrid


require_once 'Structures/DataGrid.php';

bool Structures_DataGrid::bind ( mixed $container , array $options = array() , string $type = null )


This package is not documented yet.


mixed $container

The record set in any of the supported data source types

array $options

Optional. The options to be used for the data source

string $type

Optional. The data source type

Return value

returns True if successful, otherwise PEAR_Error.


throws no exceptions thrown


Bind an SQL query

// Setup your database connection
$options = array('dsn' => 'mysql://user:password@host/db_name');

// Bind a basic SQL statement as datasource
// Note: ORDER BY and LIMIT clause are automatically added
$test $datagrid->bind('SELECT * FROM my_table'$options);

// Print binding error if any
if (PEAR::isError($test)) {

Bind a DB_DataObject

= new DataObjects_Person;

$person->hair 'red';
$person->has_glasses 1;



This function can not be called statically.

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