Net_FTP::rm() – deletes a file or directory.


require_once 'Net/FTP.php';

mixed Net_FTP::rm ( string $path = null , string $recursive = false )


This method deletes a file or a directory.


  • string $path = null - The file or directory to delete. In case you set the second parameter to true, directories will be deleted even if not empty. All files and directories inside will be deleted.

  • $recursive = false - This parameter determines, whether a directory is deleted only if it's empty (standard) or if all included files and directories will be deleted with it ($recursive = true).

Return value

mixed - true on success, otherwise PEAR::Error.


Several errors may be returned by rm. The errornumber is unspecific (until now) and will not tell you anything about the errormessage. Possible errors are:

Possible PEAR_Error values
Error message Description Solution
Could not delete file '$file'. The file named $file (complete path) could not be deleted. Either the file does not exist or you do not have the permission to delete it. So check if the file exists and you have permissions on it.
Directory name '$dir' is invalid, has to end with '/' You entered a directory for deletion ($recursive = true) without ending '/'. Correct your parameter.
Could not delete directory '$dir'. The directory $dir could not be deleted. Maybe the directory is not empty ($recursive = false) or you do not have the permission to delete the directory.


This function can not be called statically.


Using rm()

returns the listing of a directory in a specified way. (Previous) download a file to the computer your script runs on. (Next)
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