setOption() – Sets the option for the template class


require_once 'HTML/Template/Sigma.php';

mixed HTML_Template_Sigma::setOption ( string $option , mixed $value )


Sets the option for the template class. Currently it understands the following options:


If set to TRUE, then do not substitute variables and remove unused placeholders in data added through setVariable() and setGlobalVariable(). See also bugs #20199 and #21951. Default is FALSE, for performance reasons.


Whether to trim extra whitespace from template on cache save. Generally safe to have this on, unless you have <pre></pre> in templates or want to preserve HTML indentantion. Default is TRUE


Character set to use by builtin 'h' and 'e' callbacks. Default is 'iso-8859-1'. Available since release 1.2.0


string $option

option name

mixed $value

option value

Return value

return SIGMA_OK on success, error object on failure


Possible PEAR_Error values
Error code Error message Reason Solution
SIGMA_UNKNOWN_OPTION Unknown option '$option' $option is not known to Sigma Check the option name spelling


This function can not be called statically.

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