Additional examples

Additional examples – Usage examples installed with the package

Locating examples

If you installed HTML_QuickForm2 with PEAR installer, then its usage examples are in HTML_QuickForm2/examples directory under PEAR's doc_dir. If you have trouble finding where doc_dir is, you can use config-show command of PEAR installer.

List of example files


Form showing all built-in elements.


Form showing all built-in rules with server-side and client-side validation.


Shows how to customize output of Default Renderer.


A custom element with a Renderer plugin and additional Javascript library.


Shows how to use AJAX requests to load additional options for a Hierselect element.


Demonstrates the Repeat element.


Single-page form taking advantage of HTML_QuickForm2_Controller infrastructure.


Tabbed multipage form: contains buttons that allow going to any page of the form whether current one is valid or not. The global 'Submit' button will not allow form processing, however, unless all pages are valid.


Wizard-like multipage form: pages contain 'Next' and 'Back' buttons and you can't go to the next page unless the current page is valid.


Shows how to use Array Renderer together with Twig template engine.

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